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Dallas, Texas area townhomes offer the luxury home seeker several advantages.

Renting a townhome in Dallas gives you the convenience and modern finish out of a luxury apartment while affording you the spaciousness normally associated with a single-family home. 

Townhomes offer you a much higher level of privacy that is just not possible in other housing options. Your own garage, private entrance, and (in some cases) rooftop deck and patio are simply not available in the similarly-priced condo and apartment rentals.

Townhomes also often offer extensive Community Amenities. Typically, in a townhome community of any size, neighbors pool together home owner association fees to pay for tennis courts, pools, fitness centers and more. This could save you a lot of money at the gym, or give you more fitness and entertainment options than your budget would normally allow.

Client Testimonial

You are the true profession. Moving is always tough. Thank you for making this process so simple.

– Gwen Reese